It Feels So Good To Save The World!

Are you looking for a way to do your part in saving the world and creating a safe environment for your children and grandchildren? Consider buying toilet paper brand that gives 0.02% of its profits to the rainforests!

Are you looking for a way to do your part in saving the world? Consider buying toilet paper brand that gives 0.02% of its profits to the rainforests!

33 thoughts on “It Feels So Good To Save The World!”

  1. Greta will need to sacrifice her brother Hansel to the cannibal intentions of the environmental witch of the forest to do her part to save the planet.

    Actually it doesn’t matter as long as 1/3 the population of the story get cooked in the oven… to save the planet.

  2. Why are there so many ignorant trolls on this website? I’d have thought the humor would be too sophisticated for their little reptilian brains…

  3. All hail to Anon, the enlightened sophisticated big brain

  4. Blah blah blah, all you say is blah blah.

  5. @Anon#1
    You are correct citizen. The interwebs will be built back better forcing all to authenticate before they post statements so as to identify them so that we may better educate them in proper thinking and posting in the future. Thank you for your vigilance citizen.

  6. A grand marketing scheme from a toilet paper manufacturer. They have that small
    donation built into the price. Don’t be fooled my fellow citizens, not one company
    dips into their profit without a great tax break.

  7. Well folks, it is Tuesday, March 21st, do you think that fat bas- – rd Trump will
    be charged today?
    Maybe a riot or two just to keep things interesting?

  8. How dare you

  9. Nothing is going to happen just like the other 4 or 5 times the corrupt Leftists made thing’s up for show trials and impeachments. It’s sad how desperate they are. Pathetic really, but people who allow drag queens around toddlers are pretty sick individuals so what do you expect.

  10. The difference here my bone headed friend is Trump made the prediction
    he would be indicted March 21st.
    I know you are a Trump groupie, and probably give cash donations to this billionaire.
    How fu- – – ing stupid are the people who do this?

  11. Guess yo momma shouldn’t have stayed drunk the whole 9 mo.
    Maybe she knew she would have a stupid kid.

  12. Nope. Trump said the DA office leaked he would be indicted today. Turns out to be a big nothing burger.
    I mean, he’s the most investigated president of modern times and all they have is he paying a private citizen to not say something about their privacy (same clausule included in most celebrity divorces). That only means they found no actual corruption.

  13. The world is ending this year

  14. Actually, they pay more for the ads to promote their “good deeds” than they would ever donate.

  15. Please Dear Lord stop the antichrist. Ort please DA— stand up for justice for all. I want so badly to see him wearing orange to match his hair AND ACTUALLY BEHIND BARS WITH A LITTLE TOITY FOR HIS BIG ASS with only a bunkmate who snores

  16. I’d rather have a drag queen read a story to my kids than leave them alone with a catholic priest!

    Once again, the GOP shows they are against freedom. Don’t want to have your kid near a drag queen? Then keep them home! No need to ban books, or ban words, or control companies. I sure preferred it when you folks were at least trying to be libertarian.

  17. So Trump said something and it turned out not to be true?? And he asked for more money and attention?


  18. They don’t like others to have fun.

  19. Lock him up!

  20. Says the guy who’s momma smoked 3 packs each day.

  21. Or, just hear me out, don’t let drags or catholic priests groom your kids.

  22. We know people are lying when they claim somebody is banning books. No book has ever been banned in the USA as it’s against yge first amendment.

  23. Nothing can save today’s “woke” kids. Nothing. They are constructing their own hell on earth and deserve it.
    “People get the government they deserve, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”
    The “woke” have to wake up, but I don’t expect it will happen, nor do I care.
    The only thing they are good at is blaming everyone on earth for their miserableness except the idiot they see in the mirror every morning.
    By the way, it is “woke” people who make the idiotic toilet paper “save the earth” ads so the paper isn’t the only thing that’s full of shit.

  24. Can anyone spot the five syllable word in the above, if so is it a real word?

  25. WTF are you talking about? You must not get any real news.

    Florida banned over a hundred books and removed alllll the books that teachers had in their class libraries so the state can decide if they are worthy. They even went so far as to reprint a history book so they could remove the part about Rosa Parks being black. Google it if you don’t believe me.

    Remember when Trump was president and the GOP complained that the liberals were being “word police”? Ya’ll have become the big government you claimed to hate.

  26. Yesss… feeel the hate. Let it grow.

    Lord Vader would be so proud of you. Jesus? Not so much.

    Love thy neighbor? Judge not, lest you be judged? Good luck. You’re going to need it.

  27. Mainly to illicit a response from people such as yourself, sweetie.

  28. Always fear the cancel culture of those who complain about cancel culture. Americanistan – GOP dreamland.

  29. The nazis banned masses of books too. They were against gays and other minorities. They were against higher education for girls. They wanted girls to be breeding machines. They were devoted christians as long as priests didn’t interfere in their politics. Just saying.

  30. The comb the internet looking for key words, then reach into their grab bag of comments and then throw something out there begging for the attention they never got.

  31. Define “woke” besides something you don’t like or understand.

  32. Believing men are women. Believing a 7 year old needs to hear about sex from a Government employee. Being unable to make your own choices without Government intervention. Actually voting for a more authoritarian Government. Supporting the slaughter of tens of thousands of people in a proxy war. Believing that Ukraine in not the most corrupt Country in Europe. Believing Joe Biden isn’t senile and isn’t corrupted by China like Dirty Socks. Trusting a genetic therapy that that doesn’t give immunity and provably kills young people.. etc..

  33. Stop talking about your meaningless Western Problems and start sending us more money! And your young people. They too must come, fight and die for Ukraine. Nothing else matters. Ukraine is the worlds only problem. Send money now!

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