Can You Fax The Offer Over To Me?


Sorry, I can't fax from where I live.


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  1. Tommy is Free! September 13, 2019

    Fax takes quite a bit of ancient tech umph to implement, it’s not sustainable, it’s not serviceable. So it’s not conceivable that Mrs. Slocombe would have a working fax configuration to receive a fax

    I deem this a fake comic.

    • I deem you a not funny person. You are a lout, oaf, ruffian, hooligan, thug, rowdy, bully boy, brawler, rough, churl, lubber, philistine, vulgarian, yahoo, barbarian, Neanderthal, primitive, savage, brute, beast, monster; so there.

    • @Sour Grapes
      Congrats on your dictionary purchase. Were they on sale at Tesco’s?

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