Fatherhood: Doing It Right

8 thoughts on “Fatherhood: Doing It Right”

  1. Awwww… my dad used to watch his horse racing on the telly while I put ribbons in his hair… miss my dad. :(

  2. One time I pooped my pants as a five-year old. He rubbed my nose in it and then beat me with a rolled-up newspaper.

  3. My dad used to spank me with a carpet beater until i found a place to hide under the bed. I remember him fishing for me with that carpet beater like a cat is fishing for a mouse. ;)

  4. At least they are all there and doing something with their children . . . more than can be said for a lot of deadbeat dads.

  5. I Love This. The World Needs More FATHERS

  6. Hey there’s also a lot of dead beat mom’s as well

  7. Lol

  8. Man on right in 10th frame: dat gap

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