If Pop Culture Icons Were Morbidly Obese…


17 thoughts on “If Pop Culture Icons Were Morbidly Obese…”

  1. Every one of them reminds me of Michael Moore.

  2. Presenting the cosplay award winners from the San Diego Comic-Con.

  3. Its getting better actually.

  4. …sounds like true love.

  5. Who created the obese droids?

  6. Oh yeah

  7. Someone went to a Botero exhibit.

  8. Why does the artist feel the need to put junk food in each of these illustrations? Obesity has many causes. Not every fat person eats junky, high calorie food. Adding junk food to these illustrations is just reenforcing stereotypes that are inaccurate. Way to go with the fat shaming.

  9. Now I need a burger!

  10. Found a fatty

  11. al yankovic… not as noticeable as he should be…

  12. Anonymous: don’t you know that it’s the last acceptable stereotype? If you harass, shame, torment, or hate people of other races you’re a racist, if it’s gays, you’re a homophobe, women, you’re a sexist, the poor and you’re an elitist, the elderly you’re an ageist, the handicapped, you’re just a really bad person… but if you do those exact same things to a fat person, the the whole world applauds you. This is why I hate people. They are all such hypocrites.
    @the OTHER Anonymous: found a cowardly ******* (that would be you) If you’re going to be rude and hateful at least have the balls to use your own name instead of hiding behind anonymity.

  13. Oh look…it’s all American food.

  14. Elsa looks pretty nice and Rainbow Dash and the TMNTs look cute.

  15. I’m uncomfortable

  16. Do Trump

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