How To Fart When Sharing a Bed (Illustrated Guide)




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  1. Me and Mrs Egad have been farting in the spoon position for about 53 years. Early on it used to bother us both – guilt you know – but now we don’t care. Right honey?

  2. “YOU DED” said the cat. Hahaha. Brilliant. Cats are so clever and funny.

    Real Cats > Cats in Pictures > Drawn Cats > Stupid Dogs > Dog… nevermind. All dogs are stupid. Haha!

    – CatMan

  3. I love you CatMan! 😂

  4. Most users here won’t understand as they will be “forever alone”.

  5. Weebles Wobble September 9, 2018

    Dutch oven !!!

  6. If you do it the “right” way, the fart goes back in before you’re able to release it.

  7. Netflix commedians never lie. September 10, 2018

    Some female comedian on Netflix said women hold their farts in until the guy leaves on one night stands so they can get a second date.

  8. Get a charcoal mattress and fart in it. Result = stink absorbed + noise muffled.
    Pro tip: connect it to a methane tank for free green energy.

    • You’re gonna have to eat a shit load of sprouts to make the energy worthwhile.

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