Family Logic Is Weird: Tattoos vs. Babies

Family: Why would you get tattoos? They’re expensive and painful to get and they are PERMANENT! Also family: Have a baby!

6 thoughts on “Family Logic Is Weird: Tattoos vs. Babies”

  1. Like a tattoo being a permanent blemish on your body, Trump is
    a permanent blemish on your mind.
    He be one sleazy SOB!

  2. Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
    I may need my faithful followers to anti up a few bucks each for me.
    The so called Attorney General of New York has decided to pick on
    me and my family on drummed up charges.
    The few bucks I do have is earmarked for my future retirement years.
    Picking on a poor senior citizen is terrible, just terrible. This she wolf
    is trying to stop me from making a living with all this litigation.
    My three eldest children have also been named. They are so upset
    they cannot barely eat without sobbing, making a mess of the fine linen
    table coverings.
    I tried real hard forgetting all this crap, but when my golf stroke gets
    effected, I get really really mad- – no not mad; upset. Yah upset.

  3. yawn

  4. He’s officially a criminal now following his own logic. If you are prosecuted you must be guilty.

  5. Good one!

    Looking back on it, I could have saved so much time and money if I’d got a couple tattoos instead.



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