Choosing a Family Car Is No Easy Feat


This car can fit a whole family without any problems. Damn, my wife and I have a lot of problems.


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  1. Let’s go

  2. Pure Blood Armed Yank December 15, 2022

    The Narrative says I shouldn’t buy a car fueled by ancient sunlight. It also says I shouldn’t buy an electric car made by a billionair who owns a chatterbox web site that is also fueled by ancient sun light. So I guess I’ll buy some Creedmoor, and go to the range.

    • Pronouns on bio detected

    • Most Eatliver readers do no know what pronouns are. Stop trying to show
      how brilliant you are using two syllable words.

    • It takes a real man to aim and shoot a Creedmoor, sure you’re up to it?

    • Most eatliver readers don’t eat liver either

    • Eats Liver Wurst December 15, 2022

      @ pure blood
      Most important thing is you place your head between the car frame and the car door, them slam it. Pronouns won’t be any problem then.

    • Amazing. This dude just solved the pronouns in bio problem.

  3. Do you have one that can fit an entire family… in the trunk? Asking for a friend. 😈

  4. Sure, it comes with a trailer hitch to haul a wood chipper.

  5. The incels here will never get a wife.

    • Married with children December 17, 2022

      I have observed that the woke don’t get married, and when they make a mistake, and it’s often, their children end up in an abortionists vacuum.

    • Get your eyes checked. Your vision is blurred.

    • The truth is... December 17, 2022

      Highest abortion rates have always been in conservative households. Same as teeenager pregnancies. Because contraceptions are not allowed to the women or lack of education, these women never learned about them in the first place.

    • Prolifers are the same as rapists. Often in persona too.

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