Ah… Falling In Love… It’s So Beautiful!

If you are looking for an advice how to ace your next job interview – try this. Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Nothing is impossible when you are in love!

What are your strengths? I fall in love easily. Um, okay... and your weaknesses? Those blue eyes of yours.

16 thoughts on “Ah… Falling In Love… It’s So Beautiful!”

  1. Blue eyes! That’s racist.

  2. Is that Greta with the glasses, angle makes it hard to tell. The other “person” could be Jacinda Adern. Again the angle. If true, who knew?

  3. Actually not.

  4. It’s your momma.

  5. If a person of color wears blue or green contact lens is that cultural appropriation? Asking for a friend.

  6. No for many reasons:
    1. Everyone is a person of color, and persons of white color may have naturally blue eyes.
    2. There’s no such thing as cultural appropriation.
    3. Cultural appropriation is preached by the same people who say “men can get pregnant”. That means nobody should take them seriously.

  7. White ain’t a color you imbecile

  8. Sheeeeiiiiiitttttttt. White ain’t a color 😄😄

  9. Blue eyed women, yum yum.

  10. No, if they want to pretend to be white, what’s the harm.

  11. More than 99% of cultural appropriation claims are BS. Because many people are so dumb they mistake cultural appreciation as cultural appropriation.

  12. Black eyes to fall into.

  13. 100% of cultural appropriation is BS. Nobody has any rights into saying what one person may do you himself.

  14. There has been cultural appropriation. So, 100% is wrong. But this is usually in colonial context. And the time of the great colonies is over…
    Naming everything cultural appropriation like some people do today would mean there can’t be no cultural appreciation – as mentioned. But also no cultural exchange and no progress whatsoever.
    I think many of those cultural appropriation are false flag attacks by the right wing. Because they are against cultural appreciation, cultural exchange and progress. Always have been.

  15. lol

  16. @1st Anon
    You have a fetish for blue haired girls with socks. That doesn’t make you racist.

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