Who Told a Perfect Pickup Like Doesn’t Exist?

Perfect pickup line.

17 thoughts on “Who Told a Perfect Pickup Like Doesn’t Exist?”

  1. Her nose is huge…. Maybe that’s why he compare her to Satan, it looks like a horn.

  2. Her name is Lilith.

  3. Not true, it was Lucifer.

  4. Yeah, and I bet Satan really knows how to party.

  5. Have you looked in the mirror recently? Oh, I forgot. It shattered once it saw your face.

  6. heavens blue ice…

  7. Lilith was Adams first wife

  8. I bet she’s great in the bedroom. She’ll do anything to please you. And will take what she wants in exchange.

  9. Have you ever met a women? Go watch your Belle Delphine vids.

  10. No, did you? No? So sad.

  11. Nevertheless she’s a photo model and you are not, sour Grape.

  12. Women, especially women that look a certain way, they need to be managed. If your not up to that buy a sex doll.

  13. Hello incel.

  14. No. Incels are the ones who have yet to figure out natures games. Look around at the men with the prettiest woman. Managers.

  15. the prettiest aren’t always the best. and in America most are fake. look at Trump wife. fake like a real American woman.

  16. Your jealousy of America is showing, again. Always with the sour grapes 🍇

  17. Not jealousy, disgust. There is a difference. All those women in your miserable life are not jealous of you…

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