I’m Sure They Both Have a Valid Excuse



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  1. That “faith” healer looks as stupid as a dog.
    Cats > Dogs > Fake Healers

  2. Atheist Freedom Fighter August 27, 2016

    Faith is just a word for the combination of stupidity and ignorance.

    • It's a jeep thing.... August 27, 2016

      Faith is confidence and belief. Not necessarily in a higher power or deity; it can be yourself. Don’t call yourself stupid and ignorant. I have faith there is more to you than that.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 27, 2016

      Facts before faith.

    • You clearly believe that….

  3. or politicians working… anywhere

  4. Well, I’m a psychic, and the reason I don’t win any lotteries is because I don’t want to. Because, after the winning numbers, I see yaughts and cars and women, and then I see greedy relatives and torn up friendships. So there.

    • Also, my buddy’s a faith healer and he said he couldn’t get a pharmaceutical sponsorship. You need that to work in a hospital, apparently.

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