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  1. gobsmacked scientist February 24, 2018

    This means Trump actually had a valid point with his contra fake news agenda

    • There is nothing valid about Donald Trump.

    • Donald Trump is in the white house. The mad cow has made about 500 excuses for why she is not in the white house. none of them valid.

    • Special Prosecutor March 16, 2018

      At least Hillary is not a crook, and her associates are not accepting plea bargains in exchange for turning State’s Evidence. Tick tock.

  2. Needs a last frame where it washes up on the beach, and the news is reporting live from the event.

  3. Ya don’t wanna see sausage being made.

  4. Very truth is better than yours

  5. Great description couldn’t have done it better myself

  6. It look like onion ring me likey onion ring

  7. Please people, it’s been this way since ancient Grecian times. There is no true news, all is fake and “facts” are fitted to whom ever and which ever as is needed. Good luck to us all.

  8. Not funny but accurate.

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