Just a Simple Guy in Fabulous Shoes

23 thoughts on “Just a Simple Guy in Fabulous Shoes”

  1. Those shoes are not that fabulous.

  2. gotta be German

  3. No, but he is!

  4. I think by the last photo…he’s growing breasts.

  5. You do NOT wear boots with shorts! What were you thinking?!

  6. I’m not impressed. I’d like to see him dance in killer heels. Then I’d be impressed.

  7. prove that’s a man.

  8. What in the actual **** did I just see?

  9. Is it just my eyes, or do these have a hint of photo shop about them?

  10. Am I the only one that thinks his head is photoshopped?

  11. why is that?

  12. Can’t blame him. Women’s shoes are way cuter than men’s.

  13. At first I thought we were supposed to be looking at the accidental silly wiener shots…until I noticed the shoes. Haha

  14. Wow

  15. he must be German

  16. you cant blam him he would look like a women if he put on a dress

  17. Canadian. Western Canada to be specific. Realing Canadian Superstore is a grocery store brand used by Loblaw in the Prarie provinces.

  18. Shaved legs

  19. Totally rocking #3, #9 and #18.

  20. I feel like my eyes have been burned.

  21. Thank you I’m glad someone noticed that he shaved his legs. Lol

  22. Small feet…not a very good “understanding”.

  23. Clearly an American. Germans or someone from any other country has better taste in clothes

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