Bulgarian Photographer Eyebombs City’s Streets

Featured below is an ongoing project by Bulgarian photographer and art enthusiast Vanyu Krastev where he turns mundane objects into hilarious faces with a help of googly eyes.

16 thoughts on “Bulgarian Photographer Eyebombs City’s Streets”

  1. does he walk around with a pocket full of googly eyes?

  2. He has too much time on his hands..

  3. Why not?

  4. who doesn’t? i mean, come on! :)

  5. Me and Bubba thinks this guy may need more time to git them eyes on everthing.

  6. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Leftists are dumb
    And socialists are too

  7. You could just say “I am dumb”, L.

  8. Trump

  9. I can see someone tested the Le Target parking barricade balls. Putting eyes on it strikes me as disrespectful to one the worlds honored and great religions.

  10. Ok. cafcaf is dumb.

  11. caf caf is SO ugly
    (how ugly IS he?)
    that Kathy Griffin won't go down on him.

  12. maybe maybe may marry with me
    funk funk fun funny with she
    caf bowl shit

  13. Please explain.

  14. @ selfish..You need therapy

  15. @Leftist thank you for this

  16. They have googly eyes there? They can afford googly eyes there?

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