Your Results Aren’t Good

You results aren't good.

7 thoughts on “Your Results Aren’t Good”

  1. Yikes

  2. Very punny!

  3. Thanks Obama care.

  4. I did not authorize this, no non-essential medical procedures! Where are your papers!

  5. I know, right? Eye care is so much better when you don’t have any insurance at all.

    BTW- we wouldn’t be stuck with Obamacare if the republicans had done has they promised and come up with something better. Should have been easy….. I mean, they told us it was the worst bill in history. They haven’t even bothered to vote it down.

  6. Yeah, who needs obamaCare?

    Free enterprise is the only way to go. I mean, my HR lady chooses my insurance for me… which is a plan I hate and she sets the rate I pay too. It goes up every year. Soon, I’ll change jobs and be forced to change insurance and maybe have to change doctors. That’s the free enterprise system at work, right? So is the hundred dollar epi-pen. Works great…. for the big companies anyway.

  7. Is that Biden? It’s ok, he won’t remember where he is anyway. Probably challenge the receptionist to a footrace on the way out… 🏃

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