Exercising Is Dangerous!

Exercising for just 10 minutes a day raises your risk of posting inspirational quotes by 70%!

17 thoughts on “Exercising Is Dangerous!”

  1. I mandate that everyone wears their underwear on the outside so security forces may indeed confirm you are wearing underwear.

  2. Have over 700 thousand Americans died from not wearing their underwear ? 4.5 million people world wide?

    If so, I’m game. Maybe we could start a new fashion trend. I’m actually willing to make sacrifices to save lives.

  3. Many people actually aren’t willing to give up alt of their human rights so that the Government will, sometime in the future, give them back. And there are good rational reasons for that. Historically that just never works out well. We live in Germany and it’s 1933. Vaccinated or not, people’s inability to see that is intellectually dishonest.

  4. You live in Germany in 1945: after years of propaganda, the people gradually learn what their leader was really up to. But as we know from Germany in 1970, many will keep denying that the stable genius was in fact a deranged narcissist.

  5. What happened 1970?

  6. @700 Anon
    700k/350,000,000/ = 0.2%, most with co-morbidities like being fat or old or even riding a motorcycle and having WuFlu.

  7. 700,000 Americans dead, and your response is laughter? I guess you aren’t much of a patriot then.

    If you can’t handle all the restrictions from the government, maybe you should just move somewhere else. It would have to be a 3rd world country though. Every other first country on the planet has had more COVID restrictions than America. Vaccine passports are required in Sweden too. You wouldn’t want to go there anyway. The government runs the healthcare and pays for college, so of course their taxes are higher too.
    America – lower taxes, less government, less restrictions, more idiots complaining about paying taxes and having restrictions. Too bad we all aren’t as tough as the greatest generation. They had to ration steel and meat to win the war.

  8. Nothing special, I just wanted to make clear that 25 years after the war many Germans were still decrying the demise of the stable genius.

  9. Oh you poor thing. Are you being punished in America?

    If America is getting soooo terrible, please tell us what country has fewer COVID restrictions. What country doesn’t have vaccine passports to get into bars or sporting events?

    I don’t understand why you are complaining so much. It’s not like you live in New Zealand or Australia. Relax. George Washington had vaccine mandates, and it’s not like that turned us into fascists. If you can’t handle it here, maybe you should just go to a 3rd world country and stop complaining.

  10. A lot of the posters on here already live in a third world country – it’s called the USA.
    Compared to.most western countries it’s definitely third world.

  11. America hate. America hate. Bla bla bla

  12. @@PTA mom
    Dude, laughing at you.
    WuFlu has mortality rate of 0.2%, in comparison regular ole flu has a mortality rate of 0.08%. Flu has a little less that 1/2 the mortality rate, about 300k per year.

    You are giving up your freedoms and endangering the rest of freedoms and livelihood because of your dogma and ignorance.

  13. America whining. Pointing fingers.

  14. “Nothing special, I just wanted to make clear that 25 years after the war many Germans were still decrying the demise of the stable genius.”
    Not many though. But hey, even today people vote for such people like Trump. It can happen again. This time in America maybe.

  15. “most with co-morbidities like being fat or old or even riding a motorcycle and having WuFlu”
    That’s what all those dead rightard radio and podcast hosts though. They boosted their defenses with Trump energy. Such powerfull immune systems. – Fail.

  16. Greatest country on the face of the earth. Mud countries are just jealous.

  17. Covid mortality in the US has surpassed 0.2% and is still rising. Your estimate for regular flu has a zero too many, about 30k per year.

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