Everyone Has a Weakness, Even This Employee

It’s a talent, really. When asked for specifics, she morphs into a linguistic contortionist, dancing around the question like it’s a game of verbal Twister.

What's your greatest weakness? Being vague. Could you elaborate? Yeah.

19 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Weakness, Even This Employee”

  1. I would hire her on the spot, strikes me as the type of women that
    can keep her yap shut.

  2. I would digitally rape her like I did Tara Reed. She had to flee to Russia because we tried to wack her. Twice. True story.

  3. Me and 4 of my friends just got free food, a mattress and nice blanket from the Canadian Government for being an international student. Even though I and my friends are not students. Western Countries are so stupid.

  4. DJ/PP, did you welcome her when she got there?

  5. “4 friends and I…” “and some nice blankets…” “My friends and i…” “Western countries…” You clearly are not a student of English!

  6. You are far too dumb to impersonate a student. You didn’t finish high school and really think you could fool anyone. L.O.L.

  7. Well.. thanks for the free stuff anyway. Moving into a free apartment next week. Idiots just throw money at Africans. And we take it and laugh at you. This is why we will win.

  8. Hey….could you maybe troll a kindergarten class first? Start at your level and work your way up!

  9. Don’t be so hard on these people. They had to come all the way from Africa
    via Mexico to get these freebies. They deserve a rest before they begin
    their working careers. Just joking, their careers are scamming government

  10. Maybe kindergarten is too advanced. You should try trolling the trump supporters, that might be the level of intellect you’re looking for!

  11. Oh no. He’s got it right. Vaxx me harder Justine and Potato Head Biden supporters are dumber then a bag of hammers. Provably. Troll them hard!

  12. It appears your just not cut out for trolling. Remember, you need to be smart but look dumb. Not look dumb and be dumb.

  13. First he thought he could fool us into believing he’s a student. Now he wants us to believe he’s from Africa. Probably not knowing that it’s not a country but a continent. What a tool.

  14. Canada 🇨🇦

  15. Well now that it’s been proven that Pedo Joe senile retard, how do the people her who supporting him feel? Dumb, because like with the vaxx they were fooled? Cheated, because the media covered it up for so long? Or do they not care because they are Marxist scum who wanted the destruction of the US anyway? I think it’s the later.

  16. Two impeachments, 90+ indictments. How does it feel to have voted for a narcissistic compulsive liar despite all the warnings that he was a dumb crook? How senile must you be to claim for three years that the elections were stolen, when 60+ court cases proved you wrong?

  17. Biden is old and sniffs hair, this clearly means hes not fit for presidency. Trump has lied, hid documents from the public, sided with Americas enemies and touched a bunch of women inappropriately and thinks you can cure covid by injecting bleach into your blood, clearly the best president evvvaaarrr!

  18. So Biden didn’t have classified information in his garage, house and 4 other locations? He didn’t share TopSecret documents with his ghost writer? Oh… okay. Maybe stick to your own countries politics since you are clueless on Americas.

  19. There is a difference between stealing and forgetting. And Trump is know for taking things that are not his.

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