How To Annoy Europeans With Just One Sentence

22 thoughts on “How To Annoy Europeans With Just One Sentence”

  1. What do I say to Portuguese? Did they all leave?

  2. “Do you speak Brazilian?”

  3. Ah yes, the rape capital of the world. We have it nice here…

  4. Ask them what they think about their parliament in Madrid or about their king Felipe VI. Better still, if their language is similar to Catalan or whether they also try to seek independence from Spain like the Basks, Catalanians (sic?) and other parts of Spain.

  5. That should work.

  6. +10 landlord!

  7. anteater needs a colon cleansing!
    It’s GOTTA clear out all that bitterness blocking its humor!!!

  8. How about Denmark?

  9. Is this a street in Amsterdam?

  10. What’s your problem Kauf Buch? My suggestions are just the same kind of humour as the original eatliver posting. No need to get offensive in any way.

  11. They’re extremely annoyed because they weren’t mentioned. Good job Eatliver.

  12. Me and Joe Bob noticed that Switzerland wasn’t mentioned. Is it because they hold all the money and everbody is afraid to say sumpthing? I guess ya gotta “watch” what ya say around them folks, they might git all cheezed up.

  13. Nothing for Czechia? It’s annoying!

  14. There’s not much to say about Denmark really except that danish is not a language it’s a throat ailment.

  15. Well it is true.

  16. Swiss? You guys are really Germans who didn’t fight in WWII, right?

  17. I take it you prudently decided that it is unwise to offend the Dutch.

  18. “Polish Death Camps” …It’s German death camps, God damn it! ;p

  19. You discover the world, all your colonies in asia, india, africa, south-america toguether where bigger then europe…Why you lose them?

  20. It’s German Death Camps not Polish rest is quite funny ;)

  21. Polish what?!

  22. We are actually quit proud of it

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