European Girls Have Beautiful Eyes



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  1. Static shock March 18, 2018

    The scarier the better

    • Serving wench, another round March 18, 2018

      Maybe that’s why she falls down all the time. Then again, it could be the booze.

  2. It’s russian boys bro!

  3. All a russian girl has to do is cooking and looking pretty. Time of strong russian women is over.

  4. Vladimir Puttus March 18, 2018

    I approve this post

  5. Sugarwaterpurple March 18, 2018

    Russia isn’t Europe….(yet?)

    • Russia is in part in Europe, as is Turkey:
      Both are not in the EU and won’t be in it soon, either.

    • Their loss.
      But Turkey can’t become an EU member as long as there are Turks. They can’t work with others, they can’t be integrated. It’s because they think Turkishness is the greatest thing ever, Turks are uberhumans and they should rule the world. Ask a Turk, you’ll see. Just like the nazis and their arian shit.
      The Russian on the other hand are just brutes. Get them sober, wash them, tech them manners and culture and they can become Europeans.

    • @EUro first you tell how Turks think they are better than everyone. Then you explain how a foreign citizen needs to improve themselves to be part of Europe 😂
      FWIW you don’t need to wash anyone to become European, since Europeans stink compared to countries were taking a shower regularly is taken more serious hehe.

    • A Minimally Educated Man March 20, 2018

      Hey Bullettus, I’ve met a few French with the same general attitude of superiority, but they do make a fair wine.

    • 40% of Russia located in northern and eastern Europe. Of course it’s not in EU, I guess because EU us a gay union

    • Wow, and the EUropeans accuse Americans of racism! I have often said that Americans have nothing on the EUros for prejudice and racism.

  6. I don’t have anything against Russians but man that image made me laugh

    • A Minimally Educated Man March 20, 2018

      Yeah, put all new meaning to “really got a pair of headlight.”

  7. 0bama, the great divider March 19, 2018

    The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back. Yuk yuk yuk. Reset, reset!

  8. Mr. Truffles March 20, 2018

    Russian girls have the most beautiful eyes. Oh wait…

  9. Please tell me name of this model of Spanish from picture

  10. irish photoshoping!

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