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Have you seen Squid Game? It's this crazy show about people in debt signing up to kill each other to entertain the rich. Anyway, let's get you enlisted...


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  1. How-To movies are educational and fun. November 30, 2021

    I’m re-reading a how-to manual called 1984. I also saw how-to movie about a comic strip called Utopia.

  2. Another overrated Netflix show

  3. Are they trying to imply that the army is there to entertain the rich?

    That would need a substantial conspiracy nut to even contemplate.

  4. This just doesn’t make sense

  5. The Left sadly doesn’t want to admit they’re COMPLICIT in the annihilation of BLACKS as well as WHITES in the name of Marxism (because Communism isn’t ‘cool’ with it). LOOK UP “cognitive dissonance”. God bless!

  6. Concerned Citizen🙁 November 30, 2021

    R.I.P Eat Liver
    Judging from your last few postings me thinks the game is over.
    Great run for a couple of years, but time to go.
    Don’t be like Trump; admit you’re time is up, and die with grace.
    P.S. The comments are getting more, and more ridiculous as well!😵‍💫

    • Sounds like a threat from just another radical right terrorist.

    • Stranger is correct. Conservativism is rooted in fear, which is born of ignorance and in turn engenders anger, and the concept of treating those you fear with respect is alien to those whose are trying to make it through life with only a modicum of mental acuity

    • Gigi Sohn US FCC nominee December 1, 2021

      @Concerned Citizen, Rattus;
      Don’t worry I will make the internet safe again. There will be no anonymous posting, people will need to show their papers to post comments. Any actuality or media post will be rigorously reviewed for truth and no harmful or inflammatory content will be tolerated. Violators will be punished under the maximum penalty of law.

    • @Gigi Sohn

      Thank you kind sir

    • @Gigi Sohn US FCC nominee
      Funny thing is Rattus, others and myself will not have to fear anything then. What about yourself?
      Ah, let me guess. The judgement will always be in your favor without bias, of course. *winkwink*

    • Holy Crap!! I almost couldn’t tell if these were made from sausages or were actually from the movie!!! Damn! This guy is GOOD!!

  7. No money for the Army. Reps are blocking the funds. GOP hates America – wants Trump Reich in 2024.

  8. At Dwight Eisenhowers last speech as president he warned about the industrial military complex. As a general and president he knew that war was a money maker for them.

  9. War is inevitable , the only thing is which side I’m choosing

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