English Can Sometimes Be Very Confusing

You may not realize this as a native speaker, but English can sometimes be very confusing. Turns out that “I’m sorry” and “I apologize” does not mean the same thing.

I thought "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" mean the same thing. Not at a funeral!

15 thoughts on “English Can Sometimes Be Very Confusing”

  1. If he did his English is correct

  2. In other languages the two terms also make a difference during a funeral. It is not just English.

  3. Maybe, just maybe he did something to cause the death. If so he was quite correct.

  4. There are other languages than English? Didn’t Americans invent human speech?

  5. He voted Republican. So, no healthcare. Result: funeral.

  6. That’s the representative of Norfolk Southern and his lawyer after the mass funeral for Ohio’s residents. That’s what you get for small government and corporate freedom. It was Trump who losened the regulations for such transports. MAGA – Make America Godforsaken Again
    At least you have guns. Just shoot at the dioxin. Maybe it goes away…

  7. The brainless people qre here again blaming others for their mistake

  8. That’s funny. I went to a doctor just yesterday and there was this big hospital. Some might call it part of a health care system.

  9. What’s the bill?

  10. You want to know details of my health insurance? Ok. The limit is $3k per year in tax free fees of health bills (called deductible). Waaaaaay less than the taxes you pay for a “free” health care. Any more questions?

  11. Funny, I only pay €1.500 per year for healthcare no matter what a treatment or operation would cost. Ambulance is free. No need to die in an Uber.

  12. It was actually invented by the English. The Americans just took it and claimed it as their own.

  13. For sure. Silly brainless creatures can’t even spell “are” correctly.

  14. Not sorry!

  15. OH GOD NO-

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