4000 Years And We Are Back To The Same Language

Language hasn't evolved at all.

10 thoughts on “4000 Years And We Are Back To The Same Language”

  1. Illiteracy has it’s consequences.

  2. Yeah, this is a common mistake. Egyptian Hieroglyphs are not a number of symbols. The single hieroglyphs are letters. A leg is the sound “b”, an owl is the letter “m” and so on.

    So what is really stupid is not some people using emojis, it is people thinking they are so smart not doing a minute of research on their claims.

  3. Research your own claim, please.

  4. What is the male version of a Karen… You.

  5. Exactly. After the last civilization lost its technology, the only way the survivors knew how to communicate was emojis, so they had to carve them into stone.

  6. Hieroglyphic text used several different types of symbols.
    Some symbols represent single letters roughly corresponding to the 26 letters of the English alphabet, plus a couple of extra characters.
    Some symbols represent entire words or combinations of multiple sounds.
    Ancient Egyptian also used meaning-signs, called ‘determinatives’. These were written at the end of a word, after the sound-signs, to tell you the correct category of meaning for the word. Without the determinative you may not be able to tell what it means.
    For example words associated with men, words associated with women, words associated with water, words to do with movement or names of places.

  7. If the Egyptians were so smart, why didn’t they use just plain old letters like we do? Huh?

  8. American education at its best.

  9. Stop overthinking it. Jesus Christ. It’s supposed to be humorous, not historically correct.

  10. “Language” I don’t think it means what American illiterates think it means.

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