Elon Musk And The Origins Of His Galaxy Brain Greatness

Elon Musk is brilliant! He started from nothing and achieved everything all by himself. He is a genius! What’s excuse of not being the riches man alive?

Dad: "It's so great being an apartheid South African emerald mine owner!" Son: "I started from the bottom and now I'm here because I'm a galaxy brain genius."

11 thoughts on “Elon Musk And The Origins Of His Galaxy Brain Greatness”

  1. In the UK Galaxy is a very nice chocolate bar. Just saying, melted chocolate makes sense

  2. Air planes, cars, western civilization, space travel, science based medicine, internet, modern communications…

    Thank me very much.

  3. Taking credit for work you didn’t do. Sad.

  4. Musk Derangement Syndrome is the new TDS.

  5. @White man you’re gonna trigger a lot of white women

  6. It was even a white man who created finger licking good chicken.

  7. Are there any “white men” or women left in Canada or Europe? Rare birds indeed.

  8. Agreed, racists are more common in the US.

  9. They have a whole racist party. It’s called GOP.
    Today Republicans would praise John Wilkes Booth for his “self-defense” and celebrate him as a patriotic confederate hero.

  10. “Johannesburg was built on gold. It’s now such a mess that homeless people direct the traffic.”
    “It’s a rush that South Africans have begrudgingly become accustomed to as they’re forced to use more and more ingenuity to navigate daily life: Charge devices, take a shower before the hot water goes off and leave the house before the traffic lights go out. Schools, hospitals, restaurants and businesses rely on backup generators to keep running. Homeless people guide vehicles through potholed streets for cash.”

    Yep. Thank goodness those white people aren’t running it anymore. It took the left to “fix” it all up.

  11. You blame people of color for it. Yet it is still a result of the colonization that many countries in Africa fail. The colonizers destroyed culture and social structures. That’s why these societies still do not work.

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