Elizabethan Era Superheroes


Created by Sacha Goldberger.


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  1. Seems to me that some of these guys are super villains.

  2. Da hulk RULES!!! lol

  3. Yeah, that was hard.
    Basically stick a ruff on most costumes, and you’ve nailed it.

    • Yeah, this was stupid. It is a perfect example of skillfully executing a terrible idea.

  4. I love wonderwoman,wolvelrin n super man…very funny

  5. …lame. Get a life.

  6. So, everybody was sad in that era?

  7. Next time I feel like I’m wasting my life drinking beer, playing video games, surfing the web, and watching videos, I’ll just think about how much time this hack flushed down the toilet while assembling this pointless crap.

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