Efficient Workers Get Punished With More Work

If recruiters would value honesty instead of predefined bullshit answers that sound good, they would totally hire her. Never be so efficient that you get punished with more work, be only efficient enough to not get fired.

What's the biggest lesson that employment has taught you? Efficient workers get punished with more work.

16 thoughts on “Efficient Workers Get Punished With More Work”

  1. It’s true. Doing 4 jobs in one now. I wish I was lazy…

  2. If you got payed extra for it, you’d just end up in a higher tax bracket anyway. So the government would be the only one to reap the rewards. Incompetence and lazyness for the win!!! ✌️😁🤟

  3. Anon#1, it works when you Show some persistance.

  4. No, no extra pay. :-[

  5. No, no work ethic.

  6. Sure. Like you, posting from the office.

  7. Typical response from the lazy generation. Making excuses in the
    hope they will be rewarded with less work. Whinny people are now
    the rule, not the exception.

  8. Ok, Boomer. Calling everyone lazy, had the least worktime of all generations. Parasites.

  9. Please.. Boomers worked 70 to 80 hours per week and sold back their vacation days to buy Christmas presents. Where did you learn this crap? Let me guess.. Left run school’s. Shocker. The people who you call Boomers laugh at your poor lazy asses daily. Whining does not a future make.

  10. The older generations worked 70 to 80 hours, but only one spouse had to work! Kids these days don’t get that luxury. Instead what they get is higher cost for goods and higher taxes but they didnt get to buy a house in the Golden decade (60s) and then sell it to retire! Kids these days will find it more and more difficult to retire as populations begin to wane! Thanks to the population explosion old people now have a lot of young people paying taxes and thus their pensions! Eventually the population will have to stop rising and how do people get there pensions then? When there are no young people to work and pay taxes to keep the pension fund going!? We going to rely on throwing our pensions in stocks and hope for the best like your already having to do!?

  11. The statistics are solid. I know them too. I could show you but I don’t have them in english. Boomers worked less. Followed by GenZ and Millennials. GenX works their ass off for all of them and gets kicked in the nuts for it.

  12. Okay Boomer.

  13. I’m not successful and it’s not my fault. It’s THESE people’s fault. Heavy sigh…

  14. Yes, it’s your fault you are a loser, not your parents’.

  15. Excellent victim blaming. You are well trained doggies. Good boys. Now back to work and finance my pension.

  16. Yes. Our pensions must be paid so put down the phones and see if you can get some overtime. Gonna replace my old boat with a new one at my cabin on the lake. Get busy! Haha.

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