Edgar Allan Poe Meme: Sir, Do You Have a Moment…

You might think that at least cats are safe from street preachers and religious nuts, but that’s actually not the case. When it comes to spreading the lord’s message, crows are actually the worst offenders.

Sir... Sir! Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and saviour Edgar Allan Poe?

13 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe Meme: Sir, Do You Have a Moment…”

  1. Your savour is me, Donald Trump. When I regain the White House
    my first executive decision will have all you idiots swear an allegiance
    to me, your President for life.

  2. This is what will happen. Americans seem to hate democracy. Sad.

  3. If Trump gets reincarnated he will return as a wart hog.

  4. Trump derangement is still in full force. They never talk about how bad Dirty Joe is. Just Orange Man Bad 24/7/365. Pathetic.

  5. One is in front of the courts (plural), the other is not. Pretty clear who the criminal is.
    And only one of them ordered his mob to storm the capitol in order to destroy the American democracy.
    And the there is still the fact that that Trump is a Kremlin puppet.

  6. Man.. you ARE deranged. I’ll also go out on a limb here and say that you don’t live, work or vote in the US. So.. maybe just stick to what you know and pay more attention to your Bolshevik leaders in Canadastan.

  7. People outside the US have a broader perspective, comrade. More channels of information, more voices. Your Kremlin chilling is futile. We’ll keep telling the Americans of your deceptions and warn them about your attempts to attack their democracy from within.
    Canada is a democratic country. While your mother Russia is a fascist dictatorship. It’s funny how you call everybody against your Russia an unfriendly nazi. That means there are some friendly nazis for Russia. But everybody can see through that rediculous smokescreen. That’s why only other dictatorships help you.
    There are actually no Bolshevik to be seen here. Even China’s communists are annoyed by you.
    Your job must be frustrating.

  8. “Canada is a Democratic country”. 🤣😂. The world witnessed first hand what Canada has become during the trucker strike. Freezing bank accounts having people arrested for “unacceptable values”. Arresting clergy, forced vaccination of experimental gene therapy. Not allowing citizens to leave the country unless they comply. 100% of your media is Government funded. Which means it’s propaganda. You can’t lecture anyone on democracy when you have none. By the way, the US is a republic, not a democracy. If you lived, worked or voted here you’d know that. But again, you DON’T. Sooo go be ignorant someplace else.

  9. Your картофель is waiting for you. Гатюльер.

  10. Everything he stated is true. How can you defend it with false Russia Russia claims. Try racist, antisemitism, Nazi or some other Leftist meaningless words. Facts are facts. Suck it up buttercup.

  11. Validating your own posts. So sad. 🥴

  12. So that’s why they call religious leaders a POEp

  13. You know your speaking truth when the admin’s of the site start posting negative stuff about your comments. Over the target for sure. 🎼 OOOOO Canada… 🤣😂

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