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I found some celebrity opinions!


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  1. Eric the half bee April 10, 2020

    Something about Trump being a moron, just to get things going.

    • The Truthgiver April 11, 2020

      Many “celebrities” don’t deserve that title. Same as many politicians don’t deserve the title “leader”.

    • Crooked Trump April 14, 2020

      I’m a celebrity. The best. Everybody knows me. More people than other people. It is true. Me.

  2. He’s watching The View… 🙈

  3. The silver lining of the virus is the canx of celebrity and sports figures importance. And Harry and his gold digger can just Go away now.

    • Who’s Harry?
      Who’s the gold digger?
      Maybe I should go watch some network “news” and find out, eh?

    • I wish we could go back to celebrities i.s.o. the dumb narcissist having his daily two hour wet dream on national television over our dead bodies.

  4. Amber H:s new apartment?

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