Dump Trump!

15 thoughts on “Dump Trump!”

  1. The guy with that black/yellow hat. He needs to be a meme. Not sure of what yet, but something really ridiculous.

  2. Look up: Wu Tang Clan!

  3. I know what the Wu Tang Clan is, I grew up with them. Not actually with them, but friends listened to their… “music”. How’s this relevant to the creation of a meme?

  4. How is anything Kauf Buch ever says relevant to anything?

  5. LOOK at his hat!
    What you can read is:
    W U T A N
    Gee…*sorry* if that isn’t creative enough for ya….

  6. Oh, rattus…why don’t you put on your P*SSY HAT
    and go BLEED on something for us all…?!?
    Gee…*thanks* (/s) for your “contribution”!

  7. W U T A N just doesn’t make any sense… maybe in your language, but not in English, German, French or Dutch…

  8. TO “TLW”
    Sorry your 1st language isn’t English.
    You’re also BLIND.
    GO **** OFF AND DIE.

  9. I really enjoy Kauf Buch getting mental. Much funnier than Eatliver these days!

  10. I only see white people.

  11. Look in the dumpster behind PP

  12. Kauf Buch, per usual, you are an idiot. It is obviously a misspelling of Wotan. You should have realized that, what with your predilection for all things Nazi. But, as noted earlier, you are an idiot.

  13. It isn’t, Rattus. He’s like Trump. Rediculous, yet dangerous. Or like Plutonium. Really fascinating, but makes everyone sick and it decays.

  14. Ur gonna have to learn to speak Canadian, eh? Or move to one a them secret 7 states. I’m the smartest preezy evah

  15. **** all trump haters. Trump hates gays, lesbians, drug dealers and foreign aliens

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