Drunken Lobster Meme: Imperial vs. Metric Debate

This drunken lobster meme perfectly describes the bullshit that’s called “imperial units of measurement”. Any way you look at it, it just doesn’t make sense. Why can’t we all just convert to metric and be done with it?

This drunken lobster meme perfectly describes the bullshit that's called "imperial units of measurement". Any way you look at it, it just doesn't make sense. Why can't we all just convert to metric and be done with it?

35 thoughts on “Drunken Lobster Meme: Imperial vs. Metric Debate”

  1. Americans: “Freedom! Democracy!”
    Also Americans: “I insist on a indiscriminately measurement based on the pen*s, foot and arm of a king who oppressed our people!”

  2. You’re free now, so please shut up.

  3. Why are so many people being mean to me???

  4. Well I like a measurement based on the distance Lord Shearbottom of Pantsbury can through his humorous dwarf after 3 bottles of Port. Because Meters and Celsius are for peasants!

  5. Not mean enough.

  6. As an advocate for the Firkin – Fortnight – Furlong system of measurement, I find this gag arousing. On the other hand, the countries of the world fall into two groups: those that have sent emissaries to the Moon & returned them safely to Earth, and those that use the metric system.

  7. As far as I know, those who have sent men to the moon and returned them used the metric system to do so.

  8. Quibbling. By that standard, British cars are built with the steering wheel on the left. Just to elaborate, the Brits drive on the left so they have right side steering wheels – even though one can find specialty applications in which the wheel is indeed on the left. In closing, root around in the couch and find yourself a sense of humor ( everyone would be happier )

  9. Von Braun, a German, sent Americans to the moon. The moon project used the metric system but everything had to be converted to imperial because the suppliers and the astronauts were not trusted to use it without error.
    American pride is as fake as their freedom.

  10. I learned the number 5280 in grade school. It took a little longer to learn the number 640. If you remember both numbers you can find the number of square feet in an acre. There are 640 acres in a square mile.

  11. Who did these emissaries meet up with? People who can use the metric system?

  12. metre*

  13. And how big is your 6 inches.

  14. Because metre is the correct way to spell metre.
    Same as centre is the correct way to spell centre.

  15. Whatever you say, Nigel.

  16. The English mispronounced both words, the Americans “corrected” the spelling.

  17. Meters and Kelvin (!) are for everybody!

  18. @Dr. Winestien. Our emissaries met the natives, the Lunatics. Some of whom, we bought back to ‘Merica to run our government. That explains the Crook (Nixon), Ronny Ray-Gun, Dubbaya, Trump…

  19. Why is everyone picking on Americans? We didn’t create any of this particular mess. Like the rest of the “New World”, we inherited bad measurement standards and christianity from our heartless european overlords.

  20. Never forget that America began as a penal colony. It still shows.

  21. Learn the metric system and you only have to remember 10 – for everything.

  22. American English is more antiquated than British English. They left out some changes over time.

  23. I think it’s not that. It’s the arrogance.

  24. These words are of Greek origin.

  25. The remainder of the “New World” is not metric.

  26. Oops, the remainder of the “New World” is not non-metric

  27. True, their 45th president was a criminal and traitor.

  28. Hey, don’t downvote my comment about the English languange. Look it up instead, halfwit.

  29. What?

  30. I am sorry for down voting – I did not know American English was older than Greek.

  31. No one talked about Greek, except you. And it didn’t contribute to the topic at all.

  32. But if we would use leftist metric units we wouldn’t be special anymore.

  33. The English kept using the notation metre (for the unit of distance, not for a device or human that measuses) to reflect the French origin of the definition and the Greek origin of the word. Noah Webster didn’t like that.

  34. American say meedə anyway, so they should spell it meder.

  35. You mean ‘Muricans.

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