Do You Need Help?

Do you need help? Yes, but I chose to come here instead.

30 thoughts on “Do You Need Help?”

  1. Q: Do you need a president?
    A: Yes, but I voted for Trump instead.

  2. I have white hair on my legs that black children like to rub…

  3. Biden’s at 33% approval. So roughly 70% of Americans do not approve of the job he’s doing. Worse rating in resent history. 64% of people from both parties believe Sleepy Joe lacks the cognitive ability to serve as President. But by all means lets talk about Trump while Biden burns it all down.

  4. I need a drink!

  5. Americans never approve their president after they f…ed up themselves. Normal.

  6. Drink bleach.

  7. No, Biden is at 42% approval, which admittedly is very low. Only one president has had a lower approval one year into his presidency. That was of course Trump, whose approval was in the 30s one year in.
    I thought your number came from Rasmussen, their numbers are mostly total outliers and slanted towards republicans, but no. They’re at 42% as well, the average of the pollsters, and I couldn’t see anyone that low. Your number must be made up then.

  8. Canadian truckers making 🧦 Justine Pierre Trudeau look weak and befuddled. His usual state. New poll shows 77% support the truckers. Not so fringe now huh.

  9. They will have to give in if the truckers can hold out. Elon Musk is donating money now. Could go on for a while..

  10. Politics? Really ??

  11. Because people are stupid. Democracy doesn’t work because people are too stupid to make the right decission. They need a strong leader and a firm hand. Good leaders like Putin, Kim, Xi and Trump would have those truckers shot up or in prison at least.

  12. No one cares about Canadian truckers. There aren’t even reports about it outside Canada. Except rightard US channels maybe. Elon Musk just does what Elon Musk does. Be in the spotlight and sell deadly cars.

  13. It’s all they have. No life, no future, just rightard politics.

  14. Love how Trudeau ran away. Such a pansy. Hope it last a month.

  15. Don’t do drugs, kid. Or you will end up as dellusional like this anonymous here. Sad.

  16. In face of such protests the GOP would let police open fire.

  17. Only protests against GOP politics should be illegal.

  18. We all remember the Burn Loot Murder protests. Interesting how on the Left that seems to have been forgotten.

  19. You mean when Trumpists killed people by driving into them and shooting them in their backs like cowards do? Cherished by the Coward in Chief himself?

  20. False comparison. BLM and Antifa caused billions in damages across the country. Now say say they were Rightards. Leftest will say anything. They reek of desperation because their policies are now provably an abysmal failure, as usual. Their incompetence will put the Rightards back in power. Thanks for that.

  21. That’s just money. Those rightards storming the Capitol caused unfathomable damage to democracy and freedom.

  22. Trudeau ran away? You delusional halfwit. His son has the rona and he is in isolation with his family. Like every good citizen would do.
    Yeah, you wouldn’t.

  23. Those antivaxxers use their children as human shields against the police when vandalizing the cities. That says all.

  24. Right.. a group of unorganized, unarmed whackos lead by a guy in a buffalo head dress did “unfathomable” damage to the most powerful country on earth. Another ridiculous false comparison. Antifa and the Burn Loot Murder bunch, (admittedly whackos themselves), destroyed businesses, Government buildings and did provably far, far more damage to peoples lives. And they were getting PAID by the Left to do it. None were punished or convicted. The Left acts like none of that even happened. And how was it an “Insurrection” when no one is being charged with insurrection? Just more gaslighting propaganda to distract from the Lefts failures under President Potato Head. The Left is responsible for putting Republicans back in power. And nobody wanted that! Except them I guess. Now forget all that and focus on Ukraine and the big non existent threat of war. More distractions and fear monger ing. It’s just failure after failure now. How can anyone not see that?

  25. Hardly “unorganized”. As we know now they already prespared weapons depots, had a battle plan and even brought rope for the hangings of elected representatives of the free people of America. And they were lead by the beaten, hasbeen president himself. Of course the coward hid behind his save TV screen and let his minions do the rest.
    It’s hard to answer to the rest of it because all of it is nonsense.

  26. Man, you drank ALL the koolaid. Believe as you wish but the Republicans will take control this election and it’s all thanks to folks like yourself. So no whining when it happens. The Left could have helped the US but now they just gave us back the Trump nuts. Thanks again.

  27. I’m not a U.S. citizen. So, America will sink first. America first.

  28. If the American economy collapses it will take the global economy with it. Be careful what you wish for.

  29. Thanks to Trump the American economy has become less relevant for the globe. So, there is hope.

  30. I didn’t know Trump was still President and in charge of the American economy. I know for those like you that loved him so much it’s hard to accept that China Joe is your Daddy now. Try to move on like the rest of the world has. People who live in the past rarely find happiness.

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