What Are My Options?


I'll take a Yes with extra ice.


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  1. Corona Express April 21, 2020

    Virus: “Would you like to die of Covid-19?”
    U.S., the gun owner: “I have freedom of speech!”
    Virus: “Yes or no?”
    U.S., the gun owner: “No!”
    Virus: “I give a f… about your freedom. I gonna kill ya first.”

  2. lobster_up_my_bum April 22, 2020


  3. Might be more convincing if she didn’t have 4 or 5 options on her cart, and one in her hand.

    • I hope you get the joke anyway. If not, someone will surely explain it to you.

    • Chief of Joke Explainers April 23, 2020

      The question was not “what would you like to drink?”

  4. We don’t have all day Karin…

  5. Gruntled Gentleman April 24, 2020

    Why was she worried about her options when she has a nice warm cup of STFU right in front of her?

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