Drinking: USA vs. Russia

8 thoughts on “Drinking: USA vs. Russia”

  1. I’d change the russian side to:
    -Start cursing
    -Next Bottle

  2. -Start Cursing
    -Invade Ukraine
    -Next Bottle

  3. I’d set the US army side to :
    -Start giving lessons to the world
    -Invade a country full of oil by promising freedom
    -Leave it like a coward
    -Next Bottle

  4. I don’t think the US left because of cowardliness.
    Sometimes you have to realize a poor investment and cut your losses. Write that down.

  5. No Russian would drink vodka as shit as absolute

  6. Amercians are so lame :D

  7. Every time this pic comes up the requisite observation must be made;
    * Why is vodka from Sweden featured?
    Carry on.

  8. At least it still beats Smirnoff.
    Then again, to call Smirnoff a wodka..

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