Drawings of Other People’s Selfies


11 thoughts on “Drawings of Other People’s Selfies”

  1. Wow.. the drawing are so gud i cant tell which one are selfies..

  2. What are Oher people?

  3. People that are not you.

  4. Another iPhone app. Yay.

  5. The guy who hates pencils is hot.

  6. I thought Oher people might be relatives of the football player Michael Oher, from the Blind Side movie.

  7. Apparently, LandLord can’t spell, either.

  8. Let’s start a comic featuring these delightful characters and their hilarious attempts to get through life’s tribulations, we can name it after the concept of a great book of faces.

  9. It was one of my best movies.

  10. Do you really think that’s how you spell good?

  11. Why do you think good is spelt like that? My son is 6 and can spell gnat.

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