Some People Just Don’t Know How To Lose

Let’s address a peculiar phenomenon that has been observed in the wild. It’s the case of the elusive species known as “sore loserus maximus”. These individuals possess total inability to lose with dignity. Like some cops who turn on lights and siren when they lose a drag race.

Some people don't know how to lose. Turning on your lights and siren after you lose a drag race is just poor sportsmanship.

15 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Know How To Lose”

  1. This is to ridiculous to comment on.

  2. And yet, here you are.

  3. Obama didn’t do nothing to be pulled over

  4. Trump must have bribed cops.

  5. And so are you.

  6. Only if they issued Trump a tac receipt

  7. Only if they issued Trump a tax receipt.

  8. It’s on tape. Trump planned to sell top secret documents to Iran.

  9. Click bait. Biden Crime Family accepted bribes.

  10. Present your proof here or we publish your nudes.

  11. Haha. Good one!

  12. Still waiting for your facts, lier.

  13. Congress is investigating the bribery documents. The FBI director is going to be charged with contempt of Congress if he continues to refuse to provide the documents to Congress because it’s true. Easy stories to find sparky.

  14. Will these documents be as easy to find like Hunter’s imaginary laptop? Or more like the top secret documents about national security and such Trump stole and hid in his wife’s underwear?

  15. So the laptop is real. They already admitted it. Copies are all over the media knuckle head. Are u a flat earther as well.

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