A Picture Of All The Affordable Doctors In USA


All the affordable doctors in the USA posing together in one picture.


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  1. Was Dr Pepper taking the picture???

    • ROFL.. That’s the only beverage doctor we former Soviet people became familiar with in the early nineties..

  2. Haha, so these are the doctors Obama was referring to when he said you can keep your doctor.

  3. What’s with that Dr thing on sodas in america? Did some doctor order soda as a cure a long time ago and then the name stuck or something?

    • Yes, a long time ago a doctor prescribed a carbonated beverage as a cure for excessive flatulence (farting) thinking if the air came out the mouth it wouldn’t make it to the other end. Sadly, it didn’t work. Now, that’s the truth (tongue in cheek).

  4. Charlie got Tiger Blood July 26, 2018

    Lil Pump have sumpin be hepin you.Ooh Ooh We’s gots pleny dr feelgooods.


  5. Dr. Pepper is missing..

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