Don’t Do It, Donald!


18 thoughts on “Don’t Do It, Donald!”

  1. I understand trump is a bit hard to understand in the beginning but spend a little time following him and you’ll understand why I love him

  2. Am I allowed to laugh at that cartoon or will trump put a hit on me

  3. It is hilarious and Trump is too inept to successfully put out a hit, so go ahead, laugh away.

  4. Meanwhile in reality, every small business out here is slammed with work due to the economy doing so great. In 21 years of business, I am inundated with more work coming in more than I’ve ever been because people are doing better and have extra money to spend right now.

    Oh yeah and this will really tweak the “progressives”, due to that great economy, I have been buying up loads of extra ammunition and guns and “high capacity” magazines because I have extra money to throw around. The fact is, Trump is good for America whether you believe it or not because your head is clouded from your hard core bias against anything republican.

    He is the anti-Obama, it is what’s best for America and my bank account is proof of that.

  5. No, you’re safe. It’s the Clintons that have the “The Clinton dead pool” going strong. What is their body count up to now…50 arkancides?

  6. Is the plural of Rattus Rattuses, of Ratii?

  7. I hate western world civilization

  8. Hard to say. But I know the plural of YOUR name.
    There is none. You’ll be forever alone.

  9. It is ratti. However, there is but one genuine Rattus posting here so not really necessary to parse the Latin.

  10. What you talkin bout bich?

  11. A good fake would be unregognizable from the original. You suck at this. Learn from your president’s best friends: Putin’s internet trolls.

  12. A year is too short for Trump to have had any significant impact on the economy. Let’s see whether you are still happy in four years time.

  13. Better off alone than stuck with Kauf Buch. So long long, suckers’

  14. Don’t leave me

  15. @Rattus-alone
    Don’t worry I’ll be there for you all my 800 pounds

  16. dude. this is shocking news for you, but any “additional work” you may experience is due to long term legislation. Meaning it was caused by Obama.

    Any legislation has a delayed effect on economy.

    Consequently, the effects from tumps “work” on economy will be seen only now.. or later.

    Only stock markets respond fast – and their behavior is based on greed of a few not on good living for the population.

    Its sad that your nations education system only rivales that of Somalia – otherwise you would not have needed me from Europe, to explain you this.

    A president with a clue would not increase the debt ceiling, and would not spend 80% of his time golfing and tweeting. He would be able to have a full staff at hand in his cabinet, a staff of subject matter experts – and not some corrupt exxon oil chiefs with a personal agenda.

    A real president would want his staff to speak up with courage, and not shiver in fear of being fired because what they say is an experts opinion, and not always matching his majesties opinion.

    your president is a clown, anyone who still supports him is a clown – and your natural response to that is to call me names and enter a state of siege mentality.

    Under no circumstances dare to engage your brain, and do some independent (from fox) research… and have some purely logical thoughts around cause and effect – and god forbid
    …look at more successful nations when it comes to equality, an societal harmony, independent justice, least corrupt governmental system, democracies with more than only 2 parties to choose from…. heaven.. don’t accept their input, theyre all liberal leftiekommunistgays and must under no circumstances be able to actually HAVE A POINT
    once in a while.

    You sir, go ahead – and never change your opinion. No matter what – don’t let anyone educate you – education is liberal leftiecommunistfakenewsbullshit… the earth is flat, guns create peace and trump is a good president.

    *rolls eyes*

  17. Love the photo shop of the MAGA hat with the made in China label, or should I call it more democratic propaganda?


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