Toupee Contest: Who Wore It Better?


Please vote in the comments! …but choose wisely because the winner will become the next president of the USA.


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  1. I welcome the new sushi overlord!

  2. Yes! Let’s take America back!!! If it takes “That Hair”,… so be it!

  3. Jerrymander June 24, 2016

    There’s going to be hell toupee once he is president!

  4. It’s a really bad combover, not a toupee.

  5. Bubba and Joe Bob June 25, 2016

    Joe Bob and me is a little upset. I was hoping Pat Paulsen was gonna be on the ballot and Joe Bob was Pulling for Alfred E. Neuman (What? Me worry)

  6. I love how Trump turns liberals into ranting loonies.

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