Funniest Reactions To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un had their second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. Featured below are the funniest internet reactions to this glorious event we gathered from all around the web.

"World's Worst Hair 2019" draws to a thrilling climax as finalists meet...

When you are almost done picking teams in gym class...

Always a good idea to be prepared.

Just two guys who know how to stand normally.

You all knew this just had to happen, right?

Feel old yet?

A match made in Heaven <3

BREAKING: Donald Trump shakes hands with Kim Jong-Un!

World domination: they are ready for it!

I can show you the world!

Meanwhile at their meeting...

Best friends forever.

Fitting that out generation's nuclear threat is a Fat Man and Little Boy.

The iTunes terms and conditions contain a more substantive clause about not using nuclear weapons than any document that Trump and Kim could ever sign.

Little known fact: the world is actually run by Dennis Rodman.

Kim Jong-Un's people are definitely better at ironing slacks.

Two great minds in action.

Something we can all agree on.

It's 2019 and Trump & Kim out here still dressing like they got scooped up in the '03 draft.


6 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un”

  1. Both of them are pathetic yet dangerous.

  2. A couple of the pictures made me laugh, and a couple more made me grin. World politics – a fun game for ages: new born to 5 years.

  3. They should both have applied for asylum in Vietnam, to dissociate themselves from the messes they created at home.

  4. Is eatliver retarded?
    This is a grand happening, you may never seeing your lifetime, and you mock it?
    You are a genuine retard site.

  5. Thanks for your profound, perceptive and witty remarks about the humorous qualities of this website. Much appreciated.

  6. “Grand happening” Kappa

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