Dogs Who Deserve an Apology

9 thoughts on “Dogs Who Deserve an Apology”

  1. This is why dogs attack and kill their masters.

  2. Ze internat is for CATS

  3. That’s the advantage with cats. You already know they will try to kill you.

  4. the last pic wuz so cute! and sorta sad too…

  5. my dogs usually would let you dress them, the shake everything off as soon as you want to take a picture, then expect you to start the process again.

  6. Cat and dogs are for noob, if pro, choose guinea pigs.

  7. Where’s PETA, when you need ’em?

  8. That last dog has shows a level of restraint that not a single one of mine ever would.

  9. The 3rd dog to the last should be said sorry to

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