Dog Logic

How dogs acquire new territory.

5 thoughts on “Dog Logic”

  1. Like Biden and court packing…

  2. Yawn.
    How original of you.
    If you had said : “Like the British in colonial times”,
    that would have been a better use of pixels.

  3. Trump would love that. As we know from Russian sources he loves such games.

  4. Nice try. Accusing democrats of trying something that the Republicans already accomplished.

    When Obama left office, there were over 100 openings for federal judges, and of course, one supreme court judge. The constitution says that the president gets to fill those positions, but McConnel decided that following the constitutional is now optional. Kind of like those folks on January 6th and the congressmen who didn’t vote to confirm a 100% legal election. I thought they were supposed to support the rule of law. Hmm…

  5. It’s law when it favors the GOP. It’s fraud and fake news if it favors the Dems.

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