Doctor Meme: What’s Wrong? Nothing…

But what to do if you are married to an actual real doctor? What do you say in that case? Please let us know in the comments below!

What's wrong? Nothing. I am a doctor, not your husband.

15 thoughts on “Doctor Meme: What’s Wrong? Nothing…”

  1. A mildly amusing meme based on an old cliché joke. 1 star.

  2. Patient – Doctor it hurts when I pee.
    Doctor – then don’t pee.
    Billing to insurer – $980.00

  3. That’s when not having insurance hurt you the most in the USA:

    Billing to insurer – $980
    Insurer adjusted fee – $150

    The insurers have a maximum allowed fee for each type of service or product. You’re only at the doctor’s mercy if you don’t have insurance.

  4. “Freedom”

  5. Freedom is forcing other people to pay your medical bills I guess.

  6. Billing department – “Sorry, you went to see a specialist without getting a referral from your primary care doctor first. Claim is denied, you owe $980 !”

    ( this has been my life lately, even when my doc sent a referral. ) Sure wish I had the freedom to change insurances without changing where I work. Socialized medicine might suck, but what we have already sucks. It’s not free enterprise. Just monopolies taking our money.

  7. Finally a joke worth at least one star.

  8. Work harder. Earn more.

  9. “Freedom is forcing other people to pay your medical bills I guess.”
    It’s called solidarity. People pay for social healthcare freely. Something Americans can’t fathom. Your society has been perverted by the 1% to isolate you from each other. Single egoists are easier to control than a society tied together by solidarity. You are slaves fighting for your own enslavement. You think your decisions are freedom. But your thoughts are in a cage. You are in a constant fight against each other and for survival. That keeps you occupied not to think about decisions that concern real freedom.

  10. Billionaire Trump has started yet another funding drive to pay his legal expenses.
    Hopefully no one who frequents this site is not stupid enough to give hard earned
    cash to this rich, corrupt, SOB.

  11. The judge is on his payroll. This will be another sh*tshow.

  12. Doktor! Doktor! What do I do? It hurts when I pee in two places!

    Don’t pee in those places. We’ll start you on 200 mg Spironolactone, with a referral to Hackensquisch in Urology. If your body hair falls out and your moobs grow larger than your girlfriend’s, don’t worry about it.

  13. Traitor Trump wouldn’t listen at all. He just grabs.

  14. Her husband sucks at playing doctor. Her only source of pleasure is leaning against the washer during the spin cycle…

  15. Sounds like a voice of experience.

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