Meanwhile Somewhere In The US

I think the patient in room C is dying. Does he have insurance? No, he doesn't. Yep, he's dying.

14 thoughts on “Meanwhile Somewhere In The US”

  1. O to be like Canada or Europe.
    Where people who want really good health care travel from to become patients at U.S. hospitals.

  2. It does seem though like all the healthcare systems are affected by the same issues.
    Problem A: need to be profitable
    Problem B: don’t pay well and as a direct result don’t have enough healthcare workers

  3. *lol* Only in your dreams. Sick people do not travel over the ocean. Healthcare is the whole point of not being forced to travel.

  4. A healthcare systems shouldn’t be profitable. Same as most public services, like water, heating and power. Everything else is neoliberal sh*t.

  5. Clearly ignorant of how it actually works in the US.

  6. Remember when U.S. Senator Rand Paul went to Canada to get hernia surgery where he would have to pay out of his own pocket? He must have known something you don’t know.

  7. As FUBAR as it is in Amerika, it’s about to get worse were you are. PS don’t come here, we got to many escaping to here.

  8. If you enjoy being robbed.

  9. *lol* Mommy and Daddy bought their graduation… I mean they donated to the university. 90% of those top docs are fake.

  10. More left wing garbage, based on filthy lies.

  11. I once could have known a guy. But he was poor and died in front of a U.S. hospital before I had the chance to meet him. Sad story.

  12. Story of joy for the right wing.

  13. If you let the poor people die there won’t be any poor people on the street or in the statistics. America great again.

  14. How about we don’t tax our citizens so much so that they can buy their own stuff?

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