Happy Birthday, IKEA!


Here's your cake!


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  1. Well played.

  2. you ever wonder…
    about those amazingly clean eggshells?

  3. @ Effendi….. Dude… you have never cracked an egg and seen the white of the egg cling to the inside of the shell. So I gather you have never cooked anything.
    And just so you know… unwashed eggs are more sanitary as the layer that keeps the shell intact is precisely NOT washed away… so I also gather you have never eaten fresh eggs.
    And I was just making a joke abut the cleanliness of the shell… but boy… you get so easily offended… BOY… ^_^

    • Most stuff you see on food photography isn’t actual food or at least not what it looks like. The egg shells might have been cleaned and then a fresh egg been put in it. If it is real egg at all. Vanilla ice is usually made of mashed potatoes for pictures. It doesn’t melt in the studio. ;-)

  4. Weebles Wobble August 29, 2018

    There’s no sugar. Ikea always leaves out at least one part.

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