21 thoughts on “Outrageous!”

  1. Typical Leftist relativism: trying to equate
    TALKING ANIMAL cartoon fantasy
    REAL-WORLD homosexual agenda indoctrination.

  2. You are afraid that a Disney cartoon will turn you gay?

  3. @Lolfosor: Of course. Because homosexuality is so contagious.

  4. Lolfosor, you have to understand that someone who is so easily swayed by the rantings of conspiracy blogs would be absolutely certain that everyone else is so intellectually weak that they too would blindly follow every random thought that crossed their path.

  5. Oh, you Lefties!
    You can’t make a cogent argument,
    so you resort to pre-pubescent spitball mockery.
    *Thanks* for confirming to all that you’re brain-dead parrots.

  6. Did InfoWars tell you that?

  7. @Kauf Are you sure that you are straight if it’s so easy to turn you gay? Just askin’

  8. @Lolfosor: Uh, oh. Better close down EatLiver. Kauf’s gayness might rub off.

  9. @Zelda I’d love to if I could.

  10. Gay or straight is a CHOICE. I made my choice long ago, and I make it again whenever I need to.
    Like the first time Miguel, that one server at my Applebee’s, with the shoulders and the dark eyes and all that, leaned in awfully close when he asked me “Is there anything else you’d like?”
    I played it cool with a double mimosa and CHOSE that day to stay straight and Republican. I CHOOSE again every time I go back to Applebee’s and ask for that same booth (because it’s my CHOICE to sit where I like, even if, I swear, they keep the temp 4 or 5 degrees too warm in Miguel’s section).
    What do you lefty degenerates do? Flip a coin each time? Slippery slope, you secular socialist swine. Hunky waiters today, real buffalo tomorrow. Make your CHOICE.

  11. Me and Joe Bob read and re-read that Kauf Bunch guy’s comment. We still not sure he said something meaningful or was it ventriquilism? Just asking…

  12. Lol… being gay or straight isn’t a choice man. It’s like saying “all people with acne basically choose to be ugly”. You’ve hit a new low of stupidity.

  13. Wait – Buffalo woman romance? Is Disney pushing bestiality now?

  14. Eatliver, I wish I knew how to quit you.

  15. Well, KAUF BUCH, your detailed description of Miguel, the I quote “hunky” waiter, and your insistence to be seated in his overheated section of Applebee’s every time appears a bit strange to me. Are you struggling with something? That’s okay, we living in 2017 and this “thing” is luckily no problem anymore.

  16. Zelda, you still angry because I dissed you in front of all your drag queen friends?
    How ’bout I give you some new batteries for your – ahem – little friend?!?

  17. You’re funny! EXACTLY how a Leftist idiot would sound like
    trying – without success – to sound like a REAL “bubba”!

  18. But the Buffalo got better.

  19. Ex-buffalo therapy works!

  20. Homosexuality & eating shellfish are abominations according to the Bible. Eating at Applebee’s is un-forgivable.

  21. If homosexuality is a “choice” so is stupidity. There is hope for Kauf Buch and his sexually and intellectualy unstable friends.
    Problem is gay people hurt no one. Stupid people do. A lot.

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