I Don’t Like How Much I Love Seeing This

One day you are young, and the next this is sexy.

9 thoughts on “I Don’t Like How Much I Love Seeing This”

  1. Unpractical rack- how to take out knives?

  2. ooh- this _is_ sexy

  3. Good point.

    Looks like they are actually photoshopped. That one looks like a cleaver on bottom, but a chef’s knife on top.

  4. It’s not shopped. It’s completely fake. It’s a rendering.

  5. The faucet is impractically small for a sink that size. And that Barbie/GI Joe sized ladle would take forever to fill a soup bowl.

    Still, this is sexy.

  6. Some people have never been to Ikea…much less understood how their photos are often intentionally “quirky”, to bring your attention to the multiple Ikea products featured for sale…*not* photoshopped.

  7. This family must eat a lot of soup. Notice the bowls out number the plates. And, it seems they drink directly from the bowls as there are no spoons, or flatware either.

  8. Hint: It’s an Asian picture.
    … Try again.

  9. So your saying that knife on the right actually exists somewhere? I’ve never seen one like that.

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