Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels

9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels”

  1. Hein, Kauf Buch, Paul Frazer, Oh Snap, and the rightard rest whose names I can’t remember, your dinner is has arrived.
    Time to get new strength for more fascist, populist BS.
    You know where to stick that hose. We don’t want the BS come out the lower half, do we?

  2. Actually, the liberal’s use of their “antifa” and other mobs are right there in between fascism and populism. Populism brought Trump to office using democratic tactics. Liberals are using fascist violence tactics to support their “populism” aims.

  3. Completely disregarding DAT and Actually rants against supposed political incorrectness, the real comment should be a question – does “Yesterdays Meal On Wheels” deliver? Yummy!

  4. Actually bla is not bla others bla Trump great bla.

  5. Awwww, did those ideas hurt your poor little liberal brain too much? The fact that not everyone agrees with you is difficult but part of growing up.

  6. Actually not. I just wanted to make it shorter, so “Actually” wouldn’t have to write all his empty phrases by himself. It was clear that there are no arguments to expect.

  7. Trump voters ate his BS, the will eat this also.

  8. ” It was clear that there are no arguments to expect.”

    Haha, yes, no actual arguments from you but that was to be expected. Nothing but pointless ad hominem attacks as usual.

  9. I learned from the best: Righists, Populists, Trump.
    Facing their own methods used against them fills their heats with terror. Because it reminds them of their own stupidity.

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