We’re All Dying, Just at Different Speeds

Usain Bolt’s top speed is around 27.8 miles per hour (44.72 km/h). In comparison, the average person’s typical jogging speed for an adult is around 4 to 6 miles per hour (6.44 to 9.66 km/h). This means that Usain Bolt can run more than four times faster than the average person jogging at a moderate pace… which makes this dude pretty damn fast at dying.

Am I dying? We are all dying, just at different speeds. But what about me? You are like the Usain Bolt of dying, lmao

20 thoughts on “We’re All Dying, Just at Different Speeds”

  1. Speaking of dying, when is it Trumps turn?

  2. This is a repeated repeat.

  3. Trump is already in decline. Dementia ist showing more and more. It’s slow. But it will get him in the end.

  4. Happy Chanukah Joe.

  5. Derangement syndrome is strong here

  6. Are criminals allowed to post here? Orange Man lives in court now. Soon in prison.

  7. Mean while in DC.. corrupt old Pedo Joe shuffles around mumbling incoherent nonsense and sniffing little girls while the country burns. Still way better than Socks though. WAY better.

  8. As an European I’m getting really bored with Biden and Trump comments underneath every post.

  9. They have nothing else in their lives. No money, no food, no healthcare, no freedom. But it keeps the slaves occupied while the 1% can thrive.

  10. Yes. Canadians should be pitied. People tried to tell them but they re-elected Socks anyway. No it’s a dystopian nightmare as you just described. Sad.

  11. Trump wasn’t the Canadian president, halfwit. You don’t know anything about politics.

  12. But the description was so perfectly Canadian?

  13. Only in your weirdo head.

  14. Well.. I’d be careful. Come March Canada’s going to start terminating their mentally ill. Better run now. You know why.

  15. No wonder you are so afraid. Idiot is going to be terminated. No tears.

  16. So Justine is going to start murdering helpless innocent people BUT if someone points it out THEIR the problem. As a Canadian I’m ashamed of you people.

  17. Canada is _not_ starting murdering helpless innocent people so if you point out this fake problem you are clearly the problem.

  18. He makes up all those stories. He doesn’t take his medication. He fled Canda so he can live in freedom in the US. Freedom for him means no healthcare. So no one can force the pills on him. Freedom to be deranged and a threat to society.

  19. These particular Canadians are adorable! Not mindless Socks spokes holes at all. Nope. Real men of genius.

  20. Nah, he’s just nuts. Cookoo.

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