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  1. He must of gotten the third dose.

  2. Maybe Lunch Bucket Joe can make a call to the hospital. Pull some strings.

    • He is too busy to keep your stupid a*s from dying of covid. Something Donald Crook clearly didn’t give a f..k about.

  3. China Joe couldn’t find his a@& with both hands.

  4. Hunter Biden’s laptop. That’s the Trump card.

    • The only card Trump holds is the the menu card from Burger King. Burger Kings for the Swamp King.

  5. Convicted of nothing. Ever. Justine Socks Trudeau, 3 convictions. But Trumps the crook. Haha. Okay. Clowns 🤡

  6. Convictions: Trump 0. Justine, (Justine😂🤣), Socks Trudeau 3. You lose.

    • That’s because Canada convicts people that misbehave, unlike the USA.

  7. Right. And then as a punishment for being a criminal, the Canadian people re-elect them into public office so they and their family members can continue to steal from them. Because you can’t fix stupid.

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