Diarrhea Meme: Please Enjoy It Responsibly

What this diarrhea meme teaches us: Have you heard? Not all diarrheas are bad, some are actually good! Great news, everyone!

I have diarrhea and need some medicine. Is it bad? Tell me about the good kind of diarrhea.

24 thoughts on “Diarrhea Meme: Please Enjoy It Responsibly”

  1. myocarditis, hypertensive obstruction, SADS

  2. Yeah, a covid-19 infection is a nasty thing. Vaccines protect from those symptoms in most cases.

  3. As my dear sweet departed granny would often say to my, “ ye eegit pish aft”.

  4. Is that why the CDC recognized the covid vaccine may cause myocarditis in younger than 40 patients? Because it’s protecting from those symptoms?

  5. You have to be extremely unlucky to get that. The risk from covid is by far greater. And a myocarditis doesn’t have to kill you. You paranoia will kill you first.

  6. So which one is it? Is covid causing it or “you have to be unlucky” to get it from the vaccine but “it’s not a bad thing anyway”?

  7. Even though they know, they can’t admit it. To say “Yes, I fell for it”. Will just never happen. It’s like a cult now.

  8. Wow, you are so stupid. You are like a broken record. Always reapating the same sequence. You are not interested in answers. Because you got them several times in several threads over several months.
    Food can kill you, too. Better stop eating.

  9. Why would they? The are alive and healthy. You are the one with the cov-19 brain damage.

  10. Myocarditis in young kids. Just keep lying 🤥

  11. You and your children are more likely to die in a mass or school shooting. So why panic about vaccines?
    Freedom deaths all over the place in the U.S. The only country in the world were children are more likely to be killed by a gun than any other hazard, like traffic, accidents or disease.

  12. What about young kids mutilated by semi-automatic rifles in schools? Seems to be a more pressing problem than some rare non-lethal vaccine side effects. Have you ever seen the hydrostatic shock of a high velocity rifle round? Image what that does to a pre-schooler. Fight guns that kill, not vaccines that save lifes.

  13. A good solid poopie sure beats diarrhea 💩😎💩

  14. Don’t bring up facts! Here, let talk about the Trans that shot up a school to emotionally capture people’s minds from the facts. Doesn’t work anymore. It’s been over used. Like Nazi and racist. Logic and reason only now Libby.

  15. Doesn’t matter if trans, white, black, alien or some minority member. Usually the shooters are members of the majority anyway. The fact that it is “normal” that children get shot at school is the real problem. And the lack of mental healthcare. So, no one will bite your hook.

  16. School shooting on a daily basis are solely an U.S. American problem. Not other country on the globe has that.

  17. Have you still not learned that myocarditis is a side effect of … covid?

  18. It’s true! Stay out of the US. If you come here they’ll shoot you. STAY OUT! Please. We don’t need anymore people here sucking off the tax payers. Go to Canada. They need more people and don’t mind fitting the bill.

  19. Canadians don’t want the either. Give them all first class tickets to Haiti.

  20. The fact that anyone can enter most schools without any obstacles is alarming. The assault troon skipped a school where the entrance was guarded. But the real culprit are the ones who lied to the troon is she mutilated and drugged herself she’d be a male. They created a very unstable person.

  21. If you love someone, don’t lie to them. 99.9% of straight women won’t date a ftm troon, 99.9% of lesbians won date a mtf troon. Yet, they lie saying the ftm troon would be a real man. And then reality caught up.

  22. Sounds like you’ve been tricked into a few dates. Don’t be so gullible!

  23. Let me groom your kids or else

  24. Schools in 1st world countries don’t need any kind of guards. The only time I’ve seen a police man in our school was for some information day about riding a bike in traffic.

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