Denture Screwdriver Bit Organizer Is a Brilliant Invention!


In case you haven’t heard, conventional tool boxes are totally old news. Why lug around a boring box when you can use this creepy thing? Just as the name suggests, this storage device lets you keep all of your screwdriver bits organized in a pair of realistic hinged dentures.

Denture screwdriver bit organizer.

One thing to consider is that you’ll need to supply your own screwdriver bits to fill up the mouth – they sell this thing without “teeth”. According to the designer behind the dentures, standard means 6.35mm (or 0.24 inch in freedom units of measurement) screwdriver bits.

Denture screwdriver bit organizer.

The hinged jaws can be opened completely, giving you easy access to all of your screwdriver bits and a grisly view at all of the realistic details. Each screwdriver bit is held in place using a tiny magnet. This way the top “teeth” won’t fall out.

Denture screwdriver bit organizer.

If you feel like you need this in your life, you can get it on Amazon. It’s a little online store started by Jeff Bezos few years ago. Maybe you’ve heard of it.


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  1. I do not need this in my life. No one does.

  2. Wonky Wanker August 4, 2022

    I need this!

  3. Nah. Takes up too much space.

    • yeah, I can keep my bit dispense in the pocket.

      this is for posers. nobody I would like to have around for work.

  4. Hilti Dental Care. August 4, 2022

    Welcome to the dentist.

  5. @effendi: I guess no one wants to have you around for work

  6. bout’ time we see something creative on Eatliver.

  7. Calm down antifa..

  8. Looks like my ex getting ready to eat beef on a bone. I miss that little petite gal.

  9. Trump! Oh wait, wrong section sorry.

    Joke. Don’t freak out.

    • No problem, buddy. “Morons anonymous” is in the next room.

  10. You’re referring to the CPAC convention?

    • Communist Party Annual Convention? Under orders from the Kremlin. They plan to destroy America and its freedom.

    • Crap Producing A-Hole Convention.

  11. Why is this a ‘brilliant’ invention?
    It’s bulky. It solves nothing that hasn’t been solved already, more efficiently and less expensively.
    If a tradesman came to do a job in my home and pulled this out I would eject the idiot immediately.

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