Delivery Guy Meme: Do You Need Me To Sign?

What a nonsensical question! Even if the delivery guy was deaf, how would he understand her asking that? This woman in clearly stupid.

Do you need me to sign? No thanks, my hearing is perfect.

6 thoughts on “Delivery Guy Meme: Do You Need Me To Sign?”

  1. You’ve posted this before eatliver. Get in the f**king sea.

  2. This is actually a characteristic American flaw, different races
    that can’t or don’t want to communicate.

  3. All that racist stuff is actually an American problem. Europe has much less everyday racism.

  4. Unless you live in France that has created huge ghettos to keep
    their Algerian population at bay. Even the police are afraid to enter
    these zones.

  5. Still not like the US.

  6. you mean except for antiamericanism…

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