Finally, An Answered Prayer!


Good Lord, I know that this semester I was a bad student. Help me to pass in the finals, and next semester I'll be the best student ever.


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  1. Me thinks the Good Lord has heard promises from her before.

  2. Sometime it feels we are getting the finger from God even when we are not praying for anything. Just going about our lives minding our own business and BAM we get the great big bird from the Lord.

  3. Reminds me of the woman who was in her house during a terrible storm and it was flooding outside. The water got up to her front door and 2 guys in a boat came by and offered to take her to higher ground.
    She said, “No thanks. The Lord will protect me.”
    The water continued to rise and she had to go up to her 2nd floor. Another boat went by and offered to take her to safety.
    Once again she said, “No thanks. The Lord will protect me.”
    Finally she had to climb up her roof. Suddenly a helicopter was hovering above her telling her to get in.
    Once again, “No thanks. The lord will protect me.”
    Eventually she drowns. When she gets to heaven and sees the lord she says, “How could you forsake me? I had all my faith in you and you let me drown!”
    The Lord said, “What the hell more did you want? I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter!”

    • Saw a version that was about the pandemic and god sent scientists who came up with vaccinations.

    • People suck. January 20, 2022

      People fall sick.
      Doctor thinks hard about a cure.
      Doctor works hard day and night to find the cure.
      Doctor finds the cure.
      Volunteers risk their lives and help the doctor to test the cure on humans.
      People are healed and save.
      People thank God for the cure.

    • Baahahaha, laughed so hard, I kicked the slats right out of my crib.

  4. Oh. I thought this would be a joke about Biden dropping dead.

  5. Exegesis 6:66 January 21, 2022

    On the 5th day, God created the bird, And God saw that it was good. And God flipped it to Karen, who might have been struck dumb by the divine gesture, if that ship had not already sailed…

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